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Have you ever wondered how and where wine is made, how it is aged, which diseases it can suffer of, which preparation you can match it with in an important dinner?
Or what's the difference between a Champagne and another kind of sparkling wine?
Have you ever had the curiosity of understanding what makes a difference between a "normal" wine and a "good/very good" one (not the price, for sure!) or how you can taste your preferred wine in its best conditions?

To answer these (and many other) questions, there's just one solution: attending a course on wine; ilsommelier offers you just that, attending a course on wine and wine-tasting, a course that is cheap, effective, organized at different levels of knowledge, a course you can "attend" comfortably sitting at home, relying at any moment on ilsommelier for any curiosities, explanations, deepenings.

The course we offer is organized in three levels, targetting, above all but not only, the beginners; every subject is explained clearly, taking absolutely nothing for granted.
The course is organized through "Lecture Notes" in colloquial form; moreover, as already pointed out, any topic can be deepened or further explained just bt writing ilsommelier.

You will find the index of the topics in the following pages, along with some excerpts:

All about Grapes, Wine and Tasting

Wines from Italy and All Over the World

Matching Wine & Food

As you can see, they are three completely independent courses, even though each of them takes for granted the general concepts described in the previous ones.

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