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All about Grapes, Wines and tasting

Wines from Italy and All Over the World

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So, why should you attend ilsommelier's courses?
First of all, they are cheap: these courses cost 10 times less (or even more) than the ones handled by the associations. Second, they are handy:...@@@@ The courses are organized into three independent themes, even though each of them is based on the previous ones for the general understanding. They are:

All about Grapes, Wines and Tasting

Wines from Italy and All Over the World

Matching Wine & Food

The advantages of following the courses with ilsommelier can be listed as follows:

  • You will receive the lessons directly onto your PC, via EMail (contact ilsommelier for other arrangements)
  • There are no attending rules or times to follow
  • You can choose the frequency of the lessons: once, twice or thrice a week
  • You can suspend the course whenever you want, should you, for example, go on vacations or should your wife deliver your first child; you will start again on the date you choose
  • All topics are explained in a clear and precise way
  • ilsommelier will be glad to answer any doubt or question related the course's topics or their deepenings (indeed, this is the way it all should work); ilsommelier is also at disposal for any kind of advice - free of charge for courses attendants!
  • ilsommelier is thought to be easy and for everybody and it will be glad to receive all your suggestions and remarks to improve itself and the quality and the quantity of its services

The cost for each course is 20 US$. Ask for your currency.

If you are interested in or if you need more information, get in touch this very day with ilsommelier.