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Matching Wine & Food Page

In this page you can find the list of the topics discussed in the Third Course - Matching Wine & Food. You will soon find an excerpt from one of the chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Food Evaluation Methods and Forms; Terminology
  • Matching Principles, Menu Composition and Wine Order
  • Feeding, Cooking and Preservation Principles
  • Pasta and Rice with Matching Examples
  • Fish with Matching Examples
  • Meat and Game with Matching Examples
  • Cold Cuts and Cheese with Matching Examples
  • Mushrooms and Truffles with Matching Examples
  • Pastry with Matching Examples
  • Dressings
    • Oil, Butter and the like
    • Sauces and Vinegar
    • Spices and Aromatic Herbs
  • Main Italian Wines Organized by Similiar Characteristics
  • Conclusions and an Outline of the other Courses