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All about Grapes, Wines and Tasting Page

In this page you can find the list of the topics discussed in the First Course - All about Grapes, Wines and Tasting. You can also find excerpts from some of the chapters.

  • Introduction
  • An Outline of Sense-Anatomy
  • Sensorial Analysis
    • Visual Analysis
    • Olfactory Analysis
    • Taste Analysis
    • Tactile Sensations
    • Aftertaste Sensations
  • Terminology
  • Tasting Techniques and Evaluation Forms
  • Glasses, Temperatures e Ways of Service
  • An Outline of Grape-Growing
  • Wine-Making Methods
  • Handling the Must
  • The Fermentation
  • About Wine
    • Its Colour
    • Its Smell
    • Its Taste
    • Getting Aged and Improved
    • Alterations, Diseases and Defects
    • Special Wines
      • Sparkling Wines - Traditional vs Charmat Method
      • Alcoholic Wines
      • Flavoured Wines
  • Conclusions and an Outline of the other Courses
  • Glossary