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Welcome to Let's Taste Together!
Can you think of something better than drinking a glass of good wine and attending discussing sessions about it, its evaluation, the way to match it with food? And how many times have you thought about doing it and you had to renunce for lack of time or of such activities in your city?

Well, this service solves your problems, offering the special formula of sending, on a monthly basis and directly to your house, two or three different bottle of wine - depending on the formula you choose. These bottles will be described and evaluated on these pages by ilsommelier and all of you will be able to show your own evaluation and to discuss them or just to write to ilsommelier.

ilsommelier would like to point out that the proposed wines are chosen only on a didactic and "pleasure" basis: in order to mantain his full objectivity and independence, ilsommelier purchases all wines at his own expenses at retail stores, discarding, after tasting, the ones he does not think fit the program.

All the wines tasted together will form the The Wine Archive for any future consultation.
And if a wine turns out to be particularly good at your taste, you will be able to order any quantity of it for yourself or as a present for friends and colleagues thanks to the offer Order Your Wine!

If I've managed to turn on the light of enthusiasm in you, then visit Join the Let's Taste Together, or Wine of the Month or The Archive or, last but not least, Order Your Wine pages.