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At the moment, there are two different formulas for the Let's Taste Together Program:
Formula Wine Friends
You will receive two different bottles of wine on a monthly basis, whose total cost will never be higher than 30US$ (ask for other currencies), plus shipment costs, depending on your country.

Formula Wine Lovers
It is identical to the previous one, but the bottles you will receive every month are three: the third one, with respect to the Wine Friends Formula, is a wine for occasions, of superior quality.
The overall cost, in this case, is never higher than 60US$, plus shipment costs.

The theme can be a Region of Italy or of another nation, or the same wine coming from different regions or made in different ways. Whatever the theme, always high will be the quality!
ilsommelier will publish, at the end of the month, the related Evaluation Forms, that you can freely discuss between you or with ilsommelier. Every wine is shipped along with a brief description of the grapes from which it is made, the geographical area and the producer.

Please note that there is no membership fee and you can discontinue the program at any time. These two formulas are opened to everyone, also to those who do not follow the courses of ilsommelier. At any moment, besides, you can order - for some friends or for yourself - those wines, tasted in the current month or previously, that you have found particularly good.

If you are interested in this service or need more information, please get in touch with ilsommelier, or go to Wine of the Month, or to The Wine Archive or to Order Your Wine.