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It is often said that in Italy - well, anywhere in the world - wine is out of fashion and that people prefer beer or soft-drinks to it. And yet, whenever I happen to talk about wine - or to pour some to a friend - I can immediately feel an unmatchable sense of interest and curiosity about it.

Wine has always been perceived as something special, like Cognac or Caviar. And the World of Wine is fascinating and variegated, seeming complex only because the so-called "experts" make it appear that way, hiding themselves behind sentences and words whose only aim is to make an impression on the audience. The obvious consequence of this is that many people who'd like to know - even only superficially - the World of Wine run away of it at once, frightened and dizzy.

This site, that was born without sponsors and that wants to stay independent also in the future, is an attempt to draw as many people as possible to this universe, telling them - in an easy and catching way - what's necessary to appreciate completely a glass of good wine and the company that it usually brings with it.

More, my aim is also to let the really good italian wine known and understood throughout the world, even in those countries where wine is not part of the traditional meal, the way it is, on the contrary, in Italy or in France.

So, feel free to surf the site and, please, drop me a line with all your comments, remarks and suggestions!